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In this course, you will develop the skills that are essential for success in both your personal and professional life. Soft skills are the personal attributes that enable individuals to interact effectively with others, while employability skills are those that make an individual employable and valuable in the job market.


In this course, we will cover a range of topics that will help you understand and develop these skills. You will learn about attitude, goal setting, time management, emotional intelligence, leadership, social consciousness, preparing for employment, employability skills, communication, and presentation skills.


By the end of this course, you will have a strong foundation in the essential soft skills and employability skills. You will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to improve your personal and professional relationships, advance in your career, and achieve your goals


Learning Objectives:

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of soft skills and employability skills
  • Develop a positive attitude and set meaningful goals
  • Improve your time management skills to increase productivity
  • Enhance your emotional intelligence to build better relationships
  • Learn the principles of effective leadership and social consciousness
  • Prepare for employment and develop your employability skills
  • Improve your communication skills and deliver effective presentations


Soft Skill and Employability is 30 Days course. The training programs are in e-learning video sessions that can be access at anywhere.


Plus Two


Smart Phone/PC with high speed internet.



M1 : Soft Skills and You

Chapter:1 What are soft skills?

Chapter:2 Soft skills versus Hard skills

Chapter:3 Why are soft skills important for success?

Chapter:4 Can Soft skills be cultivated?


M2 : Attitude

Chapter:1 The power of positive thinking.

Chapter:2 Positive self-talk

Chapter:3 Self–Esteem and positive attitude

Chapter:4 Who am I?

Chapter:5 Attitude in the workplace

Chapter:6 Building a positive attitude

Chapter:7 Testing your attitude

Chapter:8 Adaptability


M3 : Goal Setting

Chapter:1 What is a goal?

Chapter:2 What are SMART goals?

Chapter:3 How does SMART goal setting work?

Chapter:4 Goal as commitment

Chapter:5 Useful guidelines for goal setting

Chapter:6 Tying Personal and professional goals

Chapter:7 Goals at the workplace

Chapter:8 Cascading goals

Chapter:9 Types of goals


M4 : Time Management

Chapter:1 What is time management?

Chapter:2 Prioritization

Chapter:3 Time stressors Time stealers

Chapter:4 The time management matrix

Chapter:5 Strategies for effective time management

Chapter:6 The Productivity pyramid

Chapter:7 The four Ds of time management


M5 : Emotional Intelligence

Chapter:1 What is emotional intelligence?

Chapter:2 Enhancing your emotional self – awareness

Chapter:3 Emotional Intelligence and change management

Chapter:4 Unfreezing the old, re-freezing the new

Chapter:5 Change and Stress

Chapter:6 Emotional intelligence and crisis management


M6 : Leadership

Chapter:1 Qualities of a leader

Chapter:2 Leadership and assertiveness

Chapter:3 Problem solving and decision making

Chapter:4 Approaches to problem–solving and decision making

Chapter:5 Brainstorming

Chapter:6 Cause and effect analysis


M7: Social Consciousness

Chapter:1 What is Social Consciousness?

Chapter:2 Social awareness and civic responsibility Social intelligence

Chapter:3 Social inclusion

Chapter:4 Social entrepreneurship

Chapter:5 Environmental  consciousness

Chapter:6 Sustainable Development and conservation of resources.


M8 : Preparing for Employment

Chapter:1 Transition from education to employment

Chapter:2 Preparing for employment

Chapter:3 Preparing a road map for employment

Chapter:4 Getting ready for the selection process

Chapter:5 Preparing a CV.

Chapter:6 Some useful pointers for drafting a CV.

Chapter:7 Group Discussion, Interview


M9 : Employability Skills

Chapter:1 What are these coveted employability skills?

Chapter:2 Why is employability such an important concern?

Chapter:3 How to raise your employability quotient?

Chapter:4 Importance of researching your prospective workplace.


M10 :  Communication at the Workplace

Chapter:1 Language and communication

Chapter:2 Communication at the workplace

Chapter:3 Formal and Informal communication

Chapter:4 Direction of flow of communication

Chapter:5 Non-verbal communication

Chapter:6 Communication and organizational culture

Chapter:7 Communication and inter personal relations

Chapter :8 Importance of the ‘U’ in communication


M11 :  Presentation Skills

Chapter:1 Importance of presentation skills

Chapter:2 Overcoming the fear of public speaking towards making effective presentation

Chapter:3 A step-by-step approach to presentations

Chapter:4 Planning the presentations

Chapter:5 gathering feedback

Chapter:6 Making the presentation


M12   :  Correspondence at Work 

Chapter:1 Importance of workplace correspondence

Chapter:2 Types of correspondence

Chapter:3 Mechanics of effective business correspondence

Chapter:4 Tips for effective correspondence

Chapter:5 The seven Cs of communication

Chapter:6 Writing effective emails

Chapter:7 Email etiquette Personal touch in business communication


M13  :  Team Work 

Chapter:1 Importance of Team work

Chapter:2 Understanding team behavior

Chapter:3 Team work as an employability skill

Chapter:5 Team formation and development.

Chapter:6 Pooling competencies in a teams

Chapter:7 Significance of team spirit

Chapter:8 How to be an effective team player


M14  :   Workplace Etiquette 

Chapter:1 Etiquette  in the modern workplace.

Chapter:2 Workplace Etiquette global and local

Chapter:3 Culture sensitivity

Chapter:4 Gender sensitivity

Chapter:5 Importance of grooming

Chapter:6 Etiquette  in interaction

Chapter:8 Netiquette




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