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Welcome 00:00:00
Interface Essentials
The Default Workspace Palette Management 00:00:00
Customizing Your Workspace 00:00:00
Customizing the Menus 00:00:00
Customizing the Keyboard Shortcuts 00:00:00
Tools and Tool Presets 00:00:00
Essential Preferences 00:00:00
The Document Window 00:00:00
Using the Navigator Palette 00:00:00
Panning and Zooming 00:00:00
Changing Screen Modes 00:00:00
Managing Multiple Document Windows 00:00:00
Changing the Matte Color 00:00:00
Digital Image Essentials
File Formats 00:00:00
Resolution, ColorMode, and Bit Depth 00:00:00
What Resolution Does Your Image Need to Be? 00:00:00
Image Size: 00:00:00
Resize vs. Resample 00:00:00
How Big a Print can You Make? 00:00:00
The Resize ImageWizard 00:00:00
Accurate Print Size 00:00:00
Preview 00:00:00
Cropping Images 00:00:00
Adding a Border by Extending the Canvas 00:00:00
Adobe Bridge Essentials
Accessing the Bridge 00:00:00
Changing the Workspace 00:00:00
Sorting and Rating Your Images 00:00:00
Viewing Your Images in a Slideshow 00:00:00
Assigning Keywords and Finding Your Images 00:00:00
Using the Batch Rename Command 00:00:00
Ordering Prints Online 00:00:00
Camera RawEssentials
What is Camera Raw? 00:00:00
Processing a Camera Raw File 00:00:00
Processing Multiple Camera Raw Files 00:00:00
Non-Destructive Cropping 00:00:00
Undo and History
Undo and History 00:00:00
History Palette Options 00:00:00
Painting with History 00:00:00
States and Snapshots 00:00:00
Creating a History Log 00:00:00
Rotating and Flipping 00:00:00
Straightening Crooked Images 00:00:00
Cropping and Straightening Photos Automatically 00:00:00
Correcting Perspective with the Crop Tool 00:00:00
Scaling, Skewing and Rotating with Free Transform 00:00:00
Warping Images 00:00:00
Selections and Channels
Using the Marquee and Lasoo Tools 00:00:00
Using the MagicWand Tool 00:00:00
Using the Magnetic Lasso Tool 00:00:00
Saving and Reusing Selections 00:00:00
Painting 00:00:00
Brush Tool Essentials 00:00:00
Picking Colors
Using the Color Picker 00:00:00
Using the Color Palette 00:00:00
Saving Custom Colors as Swatches 00:00:00
Sampling Colors with the Eyedropper Tool 00:00:00
Tonal Correction
The Evils of Brightness/Contrast 00:00:00
Using the Histogram Palette 00:00:00
Improving Tonality with Levels 00:00:00
Using the Auto Contrast Command 00:00:00
Improving Tonality with Curves 00:00:00
Creating an “S” Curve to Boost Contrast 00:00:00
Shadow/Highlight is Your Friend 00:00:00
Basic Color Correction
Removing a Color Cast with Auto Color 00:00:00
Adjusting the Auto Color Settings 00:00:00
Removing a Color Cast with the Levels Eyedroppers 00:00:00
Adjusting Color Balance 00:00:00
Selective Desaturation 00:00:00
Using Hue/Saturation 00:00:00
Matching Color Across Multiple Images 00:00:00
Layers Essentials
The Background Layer 00:00:00
Working with Layers 00:00:00
Changing the Opacity of a Layer 00:00:00
Using a Clipping Mask 00:00:00
Layer Masks
Layer MaskEssentials 00:00:00
Swapping Heads in a Family Portrait 00:00:00
Adding a Gradient to a Layer Mask to Isolate Corrections 00:00:00
Flowers of Hawaii Composition Project 00:00:00
Adjustment Layers
Adjustment Layer Essentials 00:00:00
Using Auto Color as an Adjustment Layer 00:00:00
Masking the Effects of an Adjustment Layer 00:00:00
Digital Photo Filters 00:00:00
Color to Grayscale with Channel Mixer 00:00:00
Using Multiple Adjustment Layers 00:00:00
Repairing Discolored and Noisy Shadows 00:00:00
Blending Modes
ThreeBlending ModesYou MustKnow 00:00:00
Cycling Through the BlendingModes 00:00:00
Adding a Lens Flare Effect with Screen 00:00:00
Tonal Correction with Screen and Multiply 00:00:00
Creating a Diffused Contrast 00:00:00
Glow with Overlay 00:00:00
Dodge and Burn with 00:00:00
Overlay 00:00:00
High Pass Sharpening with Overlay 00:00:00
One-Click Red Eye Fix 00:00:00
Removing Unwanted Objects 00:00:00
Removing Blemishes with the Healing Brush 00:00:00
Using the Spot Healing Brush and Patch Tools 00:00:00
De-emphasizing Wrinkles 00:00:00
Brightening Teeth 00:00:00
Enhancing Eyes 00:00:00
Push and Pull with Liquify 00:00:00
Layer Styles
Creating Drop Shadows 00:00:00
Using Inner Shadow to Create a Carve Effect 00:00:00
Making an Object Glow 00:00:00
Creating a Stroke with Sharp Corners 00:00:00
How (and When) to Scale Layer Styles 00:00:00
Essential Filters
Gaussian, Surface and Lens Blurs 00:00:00
Radial Blur 00:00:00
Simulating Film Grain with Add Noise 00:00:00
Reducing Noise 00:00:00
Smoothing Skin with Median 00:00:00
Smart Sharpening 00:00:00
Vanishing Point 00:00:00
Cloning in Perspective 00:00:00
Type Essentials
Character (Point) 00:00:00
Type Paragraph (Area) 00:00:00
Type 00:00:00
Checkin Spelling 00:00:00
Type on g a Path 00:00:00
Warping Text 00:00:00
Vector Shapes and Tools
Shape Tools Essentials 00:00:00
Creating Multiple Shapes on a Single Shape Layer 00:00:00
Creating Custom Shapes Using the Pen Tools 00:00:00
Printing and Sharing
Saving Paper and Money with Picture Package 00:00:00
Creating a Contact Sheet 00:00:00
Creating a Web Photo Gallery 00:00:00

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