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This course is designed to provide comprehensive training on Goods and Services Tax (GST) and its application in businesses. It covers the basic concepts and principles of GST and its compliance requirements. The course includes hands-on training on GST portal simulation to enable the learners to gain practical experience in filing GST returns and compliance.


Learning Objectives:

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the basic concepts and principles of GST.
  • Register for GST and file GST returns on the GST portal.
  • Compute GST liability and input tax credit.
  • Comply with GST rules and regulations and avoid penalties for non-compliance
  • Apply practical skills and experience in GST compliance and reporting.


Overall, this course equips participants with the skills and knowledge needed to master GST filing procedures in India, ensuring that they are well-prepared to handle GST compliance requirements in their professional roles. The simulations provide practical experience and enhance the learning experience, making this course highly beneficial for anyone seeking to develop their GST filing expertise.


GST Practitioner is 30 Days course. The training programs are in e-learning video sessions that can be access at anywhere.


Tally /Excel/ Working professionals with commerce platform.


Core i3 PC with high speed internet.


On successfully completing the GST Practitioner’ course, you will be ready to join top companies as:

  • GST Consultancy Practice
  • GST Practice
  • GST Practitioner.
  • Taxation Manager
  • Taxation Research Analyst
  • GST Filing Professional



Course Curriculum

Chapter:1 Introducing GST Return 00:09:40
Chapter:2 Introducing the First Page of GST Filing 00:08:22
Basic Theory
Chapter:1 Basic Theory 00:19:57
GST Basic Computation
Chapter:1 Basic Computation- 1 00:13:43
Chapter:2 Basic Computation -2 00:11:18
Chapter:3 Basic Computation -3 00:07:05
Chapter:4 Basic Computation -4 00:11:53
Chapter:5 Basic Computation -5 00:10:02
Chapter:6 Basic Computation -6 00:06:57
Chapter:7 Basic Computation -7 00:08:22
Chapter:8 Basic Computation -8 00:16:45
GST Registration and Login
Chapter:1 GST Registration and Login 00:17:31
GSTR 1 Filing
Chapter:1 GSTR 1 Basic Computation (Part 1 ) 00:24:27
Chapter:1 GSTR 1 Basic Computation (Part 2 ) 00:11:53
Chapter:2 GSTR 1 Filing 00:28:35
Chapter:3 GSTR 1 Filing Problem (Part 1) 00:05:15
Chapter:3 GSTR 1 Filing Problem (Part 2) 00:22:55
GSTR 2 and 3 Filing
Chapter:1 GSTR 3 FILING (Part 1) 00:07:29
Chapter:1 GSTR 3 FILING (Part 2) 00:16:06
Chapter:1 GSTR 3 FILING (Part 3) 00:24:14
GST Challan
Chapter:1 Challan Payment (Part-1) 00:23:13
Chapter:1 Challan Payment (Part-2) 00:13:38
E-Way Bill Creation
Chapter:2 E-WAY BILL (Part-1) 00:19:06
Chapter:2 E-WAY BILL (Part-2) 00:09:47
Chapter:2 E-WAY BILL (Part-3) 00:21:41

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