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What is full stack JavaScript: One language, Different Technologies?

JavaScript is the universal language that can be used across all software layers, so a person who applies it for both front end and back end programming is called a JavaScript full stack developer. Taking into account the undisputed popularity of the programming language, such engineers are some of the most sought-after specialists in web development.

Front end. The choice of possible frameworks for front end JavaScript is quite broad. Besides Angular that was the most popular front end development tool for many years since the introduction of AngularJS back in 2010, numerous newer frameworks and libraries such as React, VueJS, Knockout.js, or Backbone.js can be used, depending on the project specifics.

Back end. Server-side JavaScript programming with Node.js and Express web framework is the most common technology choice, but other Node.js-based tools such as Meteor, Sails.js, Koa, restify, or Keystone.js might be used as well.

Database. As for this part, MongoDB or almost any alternative can be utilized, i.e., MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache CouchDB, or Apache Cassandra. Check our detailed comparison of most used database management systems to get a complete picture.

Express.js is a back end web application framework package that runs on top of Node.js. Simply put, it’s a set of tools that manage the workflow between the client side and the data model, ensuring data transferring. Express is used to create APIs, manage HTTP requests, and render basic routing.

Node.js is a back end JS runtime environment that allows the JS code to be executed outside the browser. With its creation, the server-side JS programming finally became possible, nabling a full development cycle using JavaScript only, changing the software world forever. It’s fast (running on the powerful V8 engine), lightweight, extremely efficient, and suitable for building data-intensive, real-time apps, so no surprise it tops the list of most
preferred frameworks.

The Advantages of full stack JavaScript development

The fact that companies like Groupon, Airbnb, Netflix, Medium, and PayPal adopted the full stack JavaScript approach to build some of their products speaks for itself. However, small startups seem to enjoy using it as well. This is mostly due to the number of benefits full stack programming offers.

Fullstack JavaScript developer job Responsibilities.

Full stack developers are computer programmers who are proficient in both front and back end coding. Their primary responsibilities include designing user interactions on websites, developing servers, and databases for website functionality, and coding for mobile platforms.

Course duration:

Fullstack JavaScript (Learn JavaScript, Node Js ,Express Js,SQL) is 45 Days course. The training programs are in e-learning video sessions that can be access at anywhere.


10th/+2/ Graduates/ Working professionals


PC capable of Running JavaScript with Broadband Connection, Basic Knowledge in HTML , CSS Basics

Job opportunities:

On successfully completing the ‘Fullstack JavaScript (Learn JavaScript, Node Js ,Express Js, SQL’ course, you will be ready to join top companies as:

  • Senior/ Junior Full Stack Developer
  • Frontend Developer
  • Node Js Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Web Frontend Developer
  • JavaScript Developer
  • Software Developer Trainee
  • Web Developer

Course Preview

Course Curriculum

Fullstack JavaScript (Learn JavaScript, Node Js ,Express Js,SQL)
1. Introduction 00:00:00
2. How to write a JavaScript program? 00:19:00
3. Variables in JavaScript Part 1 00:15:00
4. Variables in JavaScript Part 2 00:09:00
5. Understanding Data Types in JavaScript 00:13:00
6. Arrays in JavaScript 00:29:00
7. JavaScript Array Methods 00:24:00
8. Type Conversion in JavaScript 00:32:00
9. Operators in JavaScript 00:40:00
10. Conditional Statements IF 00:14:00
11. Conditional Statements SWITCH 00:19:00
12. Loops in JavaScript 00:18:00
13. Functions Examples 00:14:00
14. Functions Return 00:13:00
15. Closure- Introduction 00:13:00
16. Closures- Nexted Function 00:17:00
17. Closures -Data Privacy 00:14:00
18. JavaScript Objects 00:16:00
19. JavaScript Object Methods 00:19:00
20. JavaScript Setclearout() 00:21:00
21. JavaScript Callback() 00:13:00
22. JavaScript Promise 00:21:00
23. JavaScript Asynchronous 00:17:00
24. Node JS Introduction 00:13:00
25. Create Server with Node Js 00:07:00
26. Node Js File System Modules 00:10:00
27. Node Js Write 00:08:00
28. Node Js Write , Read and Print 00:12:00
29. Node URL Module 00:22:00
30. Node Package Manager 00:12:00
31. Node Custom Module 00:12:00
33. EXPRESS JS 00:12:00
34. MYSQL BASICS.MYSQL NODEJS Database Connection 00:10:00
35. JavaScript Login Form Validation 00:16:00
36. Palindrome Checker 00:16:00
37. Online Shopping Project using JavaScript 00:46:00
Final Exam
Fullstack JavaScript Online Exam 00:30:00

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