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Peachtree is an accounting application for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Peachtree enables comptrollers and managers to automate and manage numerous accounting tasks, like Reconciling accounts payable and receivable.

Course duration:

Peachtree is 45 Days course. The training programs are in e-learning video sessions that can be access at anywhere.


10th/+2/ Graduates/ Working professionals


PC capable of Running Peachtree

Job opportunities:

On successfully completing the ‘Peachtree’ course, you will be ready to join top companies as:
• Account Executive
• Account Assistant
• Account Manager
• Peachtree Specialist

Course Preview

Course Curriculum

M1 : Introduction
Introduction 00:12:00
M2 : Setting Up A Company
Chapter-1 Company Creation 00:11:00
M3 : Using the General Ledger
Chapter-1 Ledger Creation 00:10:00
M4 : General Journal Entry
Chapter-1 General Journal Entry 00:12:00
M5 : Starting Accounts Receivable
Chapter-1 Customer Creation 00:13:00
M6 : Starting Accounts Payable
Chapter-1 Vendor Creation 00:12:00
M7 : Adding Inventory
Chapter-1 Stock Item Creation 00:12:00
Chapter-2 Inventory Adjustments 00:06:00
Chapter-3 (Part-1) Manufcture of Items 00:14:00
Chapter-3 (Part-2) Item Sales 00:07:00
M8 : Purchase Transaction and Payment Vouchers
Chapter-1 Purchase Transaction and Payment Vouchers 00:14:00
M9 : Sales Transaction and Receipt Vouchers
Chapter-1 Sales Transaction and Receipts Vouchers 00:13:00
Chapter-2 How to Set Price Levels 00:10:00
Chapter-3 How to Create Credit Limits 00:05:00
M10 : How to Create Budget
Chapter-1 Budget Creations 00:24:00
M11 : Bank Reconciliation (Account Management)
Chapter-1 How to Enter Bank Reconciliation Statements 00:17:00
M12 : Order Processing
Chapter-1 Select for Purchase Orders 00:09:00
Chapter-2 Sales Orders & Invoicing 00:08:00
M13 : Purchase Returns
Chapter-1 How to enter Purchase Returns 00:08:00
M14 : Sales Returns
Chapter-1 Enter Sales Returns 00:09:00
M15 : Job Cost
Chapter-1 Job Costing 00:19:00
M16 : Memorized Transactions
Chapter-1 Memorised Transaction 00:09:00
Chapter-2 Trace a Transactions 00:08:00
M17 : Using Sales Tax
Chapter-1 Sales Tax Settings 00:11:00
M18 : Accounts Only & Account With Inventory Problem
Chapter-1 Accounts Only Problem 00:18:00
Chapter-2 Fixed Aseet Accounting 00:09:00
M19 : Setting Up a Company
Chapter-1 Data Transfer to Excel Sheet 00:10:00
Chapter-2 Backup Company Data and Restore Company Data 00:06:00
Chapter-3 Import and Export Data’s 00:08:00
M20: C reating Payroll
Chapter-1 Payroll 00:18:00
M21 : User Access Managements
Chapter-1 How to Add User Access Managements. 00:09:00
Chapter-2 Peachtree Audit 00:06:00
M22 : Reporting
Reports 00:09:00
Final Exam
Peachtree Quiz 00:30:00

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  1. 4

    Excellent course.Easy to understand stand this course

  2. Peachtree Accounting


    learning experience was good… well organised chapters made learning better….


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