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A career in animation is one of the most demand career options these days. And why not? With high salaries, career growth and an opportunity to showcase your creativity, a career in animation could be the right choice for today’s youth. With movies like Baahubali, Kung Fu Panda, Ice Age and others being a rage among children and adults alike, the prospects of animation industry look bright.

Course duration:

3D Animation Training  is 45 Days course. The training programs are in e-learning video sessions that can be access at anywhere.


10th/+2/ Graduates/ Working professionals


Mac or PC capable of Running   Maya  or above

Job opportunities:

On successfully completing the ‘3D Animation Training  ’ course, you will be ready to join top companies as:

  • 3D Animator
  • 2D Animator
  • 3D Modeller
  • Key Frame Animator
  • Character Animator

Course Preview

Course Curriculum

Getting Started in Maya
Overview of the Maya interface 00:11:20
Working with files and Maya projects 00:05:10
Navigating viewports 00:05:09
The Viewport menus 00:07:13
Configuring safe frames and grids 00:03:13
Selecting objects 00:02:24
Using the Move tool 00:04:06
Rotating and scaling 00:03:03
Manipulating pivots 00:02:17
Understanding the Channel Box 00:02:01
Working with the Attribute Editor 00:02:26
Using the Hotbox 00:03:19
Working with marking menus 00:04:04
Customizing the interface 00:04:04
Polygonal Modeling
Creating polygonal objects 00:10:10
Working with polygonal components 00:04:30
Selecting polygonal components 00:06:28
Working with Soft Select 00:08:15
Using the Extrude tool 00:04:21
Keeping faces together 00:02:24
Extruding along curves 00:03:18
Using the Polygon Bevel tool 00:03:00
Smooth and subdivision surface 00:07:12
Blocking out a character body 00:00:00
Advanced Polygonal Modeling
Working with edge loops 00:03:30
Inserting and offsetting edge loops 00:02:06
Symmetrical modeling techniques 00:04:30
Combining objects 00:05:12
Using the Polygon Bridge tool 00:01:06
Connecting components and splitting polygons 00:01:36
Poking and wedging faces 00:02:06
Working with polygon Booleans 00:03:06
Modeling with nonlinear deformers 00:06:24
Modeling with lattices 00:03:18
NURBS Modeling
Introducing NURBS modelling 00:02:24
NURBS primitives 00:03:30
Using the NURBS curve tools 00:02:30
Creating Bézier curves 00:01:24
Creating text 00:03:06
Manipulating NURBS curves 00:03:30
Refining NURBS curves 00:03:12
Offsetting NURBS curves 00:02:00
Editing NURBS surfaces 00:04:05
Refining NURBS surfaces 00:02:12
Using NURBS Revolve 00:00:05
Using NURBS Loft 00:00:01
Using NURBS Extrude 00:02:00
Using NURBS Planar 00:01:18
Stitching NURBS surfaces 00:03:24
Advanced NURBS Models
Extracting NURBS curves from surfaces 00:02:18
Creating curves on a surface 00:03:18
Projecting curves on surfaces 00:03:06
Trimming NURBS surfaces 00:01:24
Using the NURBS Fillet tool 00:04:18
Sculpting NURBS and polygonal surfaces 00:08:00
Converting NURBS to polygons 00:03:29
Scene Management in Maya
Working with the Outliner 00:05:24
Grouping objects 00:03:12
Creating hierarchies 00:03:12
Duplicating objects 00:04:30
Understanding the Hypergraph 00:03:06
Working with Hypergraph connections 00:02:18
Hiding and showing objects 00:04:12
Creating layers 00:06:06
Working with selection masks 00:03:24
Creating Materials
Overview of renderers 00:06:12
Understand the basics of materials 00:04:18
Creating and applying maps 00:04:05
Using bitmaps as texture 00:02:24
Working with the Hypershade window 00:05:18
Working with mental ray materials 00:06:00
Using displacement and bump mapping 00:02:18
Using the Ramp Shader 00:04:24
Using the 3D Paint tool 00:03:30
Applying Textures
Texture-mapping NURBS surfaces 00:03:30
Projecting textures onto surfaces 00:03:00
Texture-mapping polygonal surfaces 00:02:24
Applying UV mapping 00:02:24
Using the UV Editor 00:04:00
Deformations and Rigging
Creating joints 00:03:24
Deforming a mesh using the Skin tool 00:06:00
Creating IK handles 00:04:24
Creating blend shapes 00:03:12
Rigging nonlinear deformers 00:02:06
Animating in Maya
Working with the Timeline 00:04:05
Creating and adjusting keys 00:06:06
Editing keys 00:02:06
Modifying keys in the Graph Editor 00:10:06
Modifying keys in the Dope Sheet 00:02:18
Creating breakdown keys 00:01:18
Animating objects along paths 00:06:24
Animation playback using Playblast 00:03:06
Animating with constraints 00:06:24
Creating animation cycles 00:03:30
Using set-driven keys 00:02:24
Adding sound to animations 00:03:12
Rendering in Maya
Lights and lighting types in Maya 00:05:00
Adding depth-map shadows 00:04:12
Using Raytrace shadows 00:03:18
Understanding the basics of cameras 00:07:00
Adding depth of field 00:05:00
Adding Bokeh using mental ray 00:02:24
Using motion blur in Maya Software Renderer 00:05:06
Using motion blur in mental ray 00:02:12
Raytracing reflections and refractions 00:04:18
Interactive rendering with IPR 00:02:18
Batch rendering 00:04:24
Final Exam
Maya 00:30:00

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